Rise of the Triad Revolution


 The Story
You are a member of the HUNT, the top secret High-risk United Nations Task Force, sent on extremely covert operations to possible trouble spots outside the three-mile boundary waters of member countries. You are on a routine reconnaissance mission on San Nicolas Island, located in the Pacific twenty miles west of Los Angeles. Your team is investigating possible cult activity in an old monastery, when suddenly troops pour out of nowhere! In the distance your boat explodes. Just before your radio cuts to static, you hear desperate newsmen describing the systematic destruction of Los Angeles. An escaped prisoner informs you that a pyrotechnics expert and a rich studio head have joined forces with the Oscurido cult. Their plan: kill millions of innocent people for the glory of their master, El Oscuro. Having no other escape route, the HUNT heads into the monastery, taking the only course of action left: stop the Oscuridos or die trying.


A Lightning Guard pleads for his life.

A member of the strike team prepares for the end.

System Requirements

386DX/40 Computer (486DX2/66 strongly recommended)
4 meg of free memory (8 meg strongly recommended)
Local Bus Video strongly recommended
16550 Serial Port strongly recommended for modem play
8.5 meg of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
20.0 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)

Rise of the Triad is one of the most under rated games ever produced. It was released by Apogee Software on December 21, 1994. Some of the reasons it was overlooked was because Doom was just released and it used a newer engine. ROTT's engine was a modified Wolfenstein 3D engine which could only use 90 degree walls. You must remember that a games quality is not all about fancy graphics but rather the strategy and design ideas. Rise of the Triad believe it or not is still on sale at the 3D Realms website. You can buy it by clicking on the 3D Realms Store link to the lower right of this column. It is only fifteen dollars and is worth every cent. The version they sell is the CD-ROM site license version( the newest, fullest version). It is loaded with tons of extra levels for modem play and a "goodies" folder that has a ton of extras like a level editor and pictures of the development team at work. I suggest you buy it right away. You can download the shareware version of the game by clicking on the shareware link to the lower right. Now you have no excuse not to be playing a copy of one of the best computer games ever. The fun doesn't end there. You can still play Extreme Rise of the Triad. Later in 1995, a relatively unknown add-on pack to ROTT called "Extreme Rise of the Triad" was released. Extreme ROTT had some more utilities than the original CD had, it had some fan created things, and had 42 all new levels that did not appear in the original Rise of the Triad game. The add-on was discontinued shortly afterwards, and the materials have been unavailable since then. However, for registered Rise of the Triad fans, the additional level data that was on the Extreme Rise of the Triad CD is available for download. This small RTL file, when used with the full version of Rise of the Triad will give you 42 all new levels to play. This add-on was created by Tom Hall (now of Ion Storm) and Joe Siegler (webmaster at 3D Realms). These new levels include some tricks not thought of during the original game development, and are generally regarded as some of the best level design ever come up with for Rise of the Triad. The download link is to the lower right of this column. Enjoy. The levels don't stop there! There are tons of user created levels floating around out there on the web or you can download most that were posted on the web by clicking the link at the lower right of this column. You can also create your own levels using level editors available from this sites download page or go to 3DR's download page. The Downloads Page link is available also to the lower right of this column. While at the 3D Realms download page, notice the large amount of other ROTT accesories. Be sure to watch for my newest level release. It is just on out of many which I am creating. It'll be full of secret passages and danger. Check my downloads page often.

Rise of the Triad Manual Cover

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Rise of the Triad Shareware v3.0

The Hunt: Rise of the Triad (Features the difinitave article "ROTT in Hell")

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